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Free executive business audits is an evaluation of the business’ website optimization. The evaluation consist of advantages and disadvantages of how well the clients website is optimization on mobile devices. Many small business owners do not know how to optimize their website for sales funnel and generate leads. Examples of disadvantages/ advantages is website loading time, mobile appearance, mobile structure, location of contact information, brand video upon page loading to execute brand story, method of collecting emails, a method of retaining prospects, re-market tactics upon leaving website, sales funnel, lead generation.

What is an Executive Business Audit?

The Executive Business Audit is a free service offer by Ace Media. It is a website evaluation of several element. As a marketer, these elements are a set of required characteristics a website needs to strive in today’s digital ecosystem.

Although the audit is not required, it very important. The objective of the evaluation is to make the website as mobile friendly as possible. The significance of this evaluation can be described and organized into three different perspectives; from the consumer, business owner and me, as a marketer. From a consumer perspective, a mobile friendly website is enjoyable, stress less and not confusing. In a business owner point of view, a mobile friendly website converts a one time buyer into a long term loyal customer. As a marketer, a mobile friendly website helps maximize long term profit and create a strong customer foundation for my client. The evaluation is completely free and can be offered to anyone who is on the fence or considering my services.

  • Visual optimization on mobile devices
  • Website loading time on desktop
  • Website loading time on mobile devices
  • Location of contact or no contact information at all,
  • Brand video upon loading(in order to execute a brand story)
  • Optimize website to generate emails
  • Method of collecting emails
  • Method of retaining prospects
  • Re-market then upon leaving website
  • Sales funnel
  • Lead generation