Ace Media Agency

Ace Media is an online and Social Media Marketing company located in Brooklyn, New York. Marketing through the media channels consist of the leading platforms like Facebook Fanpage/Advertisement, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat for personal brands. While online marketing consist of Google Advertising, SEO ranking, search optimization for website and social media. By highlighting each social media platform we are able to leverage their unique characteristics to generate engagement among customers.


About My Mentors

At the moment I have 5+ mentors that teach me the fundamentals and strategies in which will maximize sales. Their number one principle is to market in a way in which moves the needle in the favor of the client(business owner). By doing so, you are able to drive sales. For this reason, sales lies at the center of my agency and everything revolves around it. Each mentor specialize in a specific social media channel. My mentors served as a benchmark for success by teaching me real world strategies. I specializing in Instagram, Facebook advertising, Google advertising. I believe in organic engagement and sales.


Tai Lopez

An expert who has mentored me. He is considered to be a Social Media Guru , international influence, and a leading expert in Youtube Marketing. His Youtube videos generated over a billion in total views and currently has over a million subscribers on Youtube. Tai is my leading mentor and specializes in Youtube marketing. 


Nathan Chan

He is the leading expert in Instagram marketing. Nathan is the founder of an online magazine entitled, Foundr. His magazine features the trials of entrepreneurs across different sectors like GaryVee, Mark Cuban, Toney Robins. Foundr’s Instagram has over a million followers. Their post generate thousands in likes and hundreds in comments. Nathan is not the only mentor that is the leading expert.


Alex Mehr

He is the founder of Mentorbox and Zoosk which generates over a million dollars in sales and revenue. MentorBox is a service program design to help people read more while, Zoosk is an online dating service. Besides major corporations, he is the leading expert in customer email generation and email marketing. Alex Mehr has generated one of the biggest email list through his ventures, creating a list over a hundred million.


Joe Soto

A social media agency specialist within the culinary field. His agency has helped over 300 business owner’s grow their business. His clients range from New York Times best seller authors to keynote speakers. Joe specializes in Facebook paid advertising.