Ace Media Agency


Ace Media is an online and Social Media Marketing company located in Brooklyn, New York. Marketing through the media channels consist of the leading platforms like Facebook Fanpage/Advertisement, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat for personal brands. While online marketing consist of Google Advertising, SEO ranking, search optimization for website and social media. By highlighting each social media platform we are able to leverage their unique characteristics to generate engagement among customers.

About Us

Ace Media Agency LLC is an innovative digital marketing agency in New York City. What sets us apart from other marketers is the mentoring in which crafted our marketing style and strategy. Our mentors are the leading experts in all social media platforms. Their expertise range across all the major platforms, customer email generation, online advertising and search optimization.

Client Objective

The main objective that we have for all of our client’s is to increase revenue through sales and engagement. These objectives revolve around the three stages of the sales processes. The first objective is to create a foundation in which all social medias and websites are created and optimized. The significance of this objective is to optimize customer experience on all social media platforms.

Marketing Style

We focus on three stages; maximize engagement, campaigns and sales funnels, and drive traffic to generate sales. First, we maximize engagement on each platform. Next, we organize campaigns in order to fulfill goals. We channel these campaigns through sales funnels and landing pages. Lastly, we maximize engagement through strategic campaigns in order to optimize a traffic.

Case Studies